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Custom embroidery is one of the most popular ways to decorate hats, caps, hoodies and more. Whether it’s 3D embroidery, custom iron-on patches, woven labels, or snapback hats, we’ve got you covered. Your artwork will be processed with the highest-quality digitizing available, and you can choose between several different stitching styles.

Stitch and other techniques

We offer a variety of embroideries to suit your needs
2D embroidery allows for very complicated designs with a maximum of 9 colors per design and more details, like a picture or very complicated logos.
3D embroidery is not suitable for designs like pictures. 3D embroidery is more suitable for simple and bold designs like brand names in words, or simple graphical logos.
Looking to add some custom patches of your own? We can make the patches or if you supply your own, we can sew in the patches for you.
Printed patches are created through a process called dye sublimation. This means that no thread needs to be stitched or woven into place to create the artwork for the design. In another sense, it means that even higher levels of detail can be added to the patches.
Screen printed patches are printed onto large sheets of twill and then cut with a laser into the desired shape and size.
Tackle twill is cut pieces of fabric (usually letters) that are sewn into apparel like sweatshirts, jackets and athletic jerseys. Tackle twill embroidery is also called applique and is commonly associated with collegiate sweatshirts, fraternities & sororities sweatshirts and athletic team apparel.